Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Back Story (Part 2)

Oh college. The best years of your life, where you find yourself, get your education, and discover your way in life.
College sucked too. Well, kind of. I had a very strong love/hate relationship with college. I liked college as long as I wasn't in college. I went for 2 years, and I did actually learn a lot. Just none of it in a classroom. I learned social skills, made some amazing new friends, and had some fun times. When I started going to my college, I was living with my half sister in the town of Swainsboro, where my college was located. Then she moved in with her boyfriend and all of a sudden I had a fucking 3 bedroom house and big screen TV all to myself. Jackpot.

Most of my time in college was spent drinking heavily, and playing Halo for hours on end. One of my best friends whom I met at college lived 5 minutes from me, so he came over almost every night and we proceeded to trash talk the shit out of children on xbox live. It was wonderful, and we had not a care in the world. Aside from waking up for fucking 8am classes. Damn that. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's having to wake up early for something I don't care about and am receiving no reward for. And the fact that I'm paying these cunts to do this to me doesn't make it any better. I feel like students should get paid to go to college. Honestly, I would still be there. The false promise that all of this will pay off one day isn't enough.

I always did well in college. Everything was an A or a B with minimal effort, as I partied away while many of the other good little rats were home studying for the race. Shit didn't hit the fan until my fourth semester.

I hate math. Always have. And I hate religion. Always have. I was required to take statistics for the major of "General Studies" which essentially translates to, "I don't know what the fuck I want to do with my life, and I'm here because my family wanted me to be." Our teacher was one of the saddest dipshits I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. Primitive, southern baptist teaching math. Fuck me.

He was one of those teachers that does a half-assed job of explaining shit, then when you ask a question you're yelled at and made to look and feel like an idiot. Some days the twat didn't even teach. He just kind of preached. So I started shooting holes in bullshit religious logic on days when I was hungover and the rest of the world was just too goddamned happy for my liking. And since this was most days, we grew to loathe each other pretty quickly. A semester long battle finally resulted in me saying fuck it, if I drop the class, I'll have under 12 hours and lose my scholarship, and if I fail I'll lose my scholarship... so I just won't go anymore. And I didn't. That batshit wacko didn't have anything to offer me, and I wasn't putting up with him anymore. This and the fact that my half sister decided to kick me out of the house and give it to her mom and stepdad really put me in the middle of shitty creek with nothing to float on except for a skimpy little shred of hope, and a few hundred bucks saved up. Well, looks like its time to drop out and find a job. So after living with a friend for a few months in that small town, I moved to Athens, GA. And so began a whole new era of debauchery, questionable ethics, degradation, wanton sex, and above all else, rampant, unchecked drinking.

Life just got interesting again.

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