Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Back Story (Part 3)

Nothing like waking up with a pounding head and a swastika and other random profanity drawn on your face with 3 black guys coming to pick you up for work in 30 minutes. Goddammit I need new friends.

Oh Athens, GA. How I love that place. Most of my friends are there and some ridiculous stories originated in that place.

When I moved to Athens one of my best friends who lived there got his dad to hire me on for his company. So for the next year I traveled all over the east side of the country installing LED lights in grocery store freezers. It paid amazingly well, but my only friends when I was on the road were Red Bulls, and Adderall. We worked in crew of four and would be on the road for almost 4 weeks at a time sometimes. There were 2 guys I met that I actually liked the whole time I worked for that company. One was a very christian fellow with a great taste in music, 5 kids, and he never pushed his views. A great fellow. The other was a guy who had been with the company so long, he flat out didn't give a fuck. He would regularly curse out his superiors if they fucked up. He wasn't the head guy, but dammit he made everyone feel like he was. And we got along great.

The rest of the fellows I worked with were a bunch of middle aged black men, who hated the fuck out of me because I was young, white, still had my whole life ahead of me, and wasn't paying child support because I knew how to wrap my wang. It was a miserable job, unpredictable, unreliable, but its not like I had anything else going for me at the moment. At this point in life, I was just trying to save up to get certified to teach English in other countries and then head to Asia, and probably not spend too much more time in this ass-backwards country. I'd been longing for travel since Europe and my wanderlust was always scratching just beneath the surface. If I stayed anywhere over 6 months I got restless, distant, and a little crazy. That meant it was time to move on.

But if there's on thing I've learned is that it's not wise to plan out your life, because life just isn't designed to accommodate your plans. Don't ever get too comfortable because you never know what's coming. And that realization is going to be either pants-shittingly terrifying or thrilling. It all depends on how you approach it. 

About February of 2011 things started getting weird...

For some weird fucking reason some people started telling me that I should give modeling a shot. I thought it was an absurd idea, and there was no chance. But eventually, I said, "Ah fuck it, what do I have to lose?"

So I sent in some of the stereotypical shirtless cell phone pictures to companies and watched Zoolander to familiarize myself with the craft. Then I got interest. A lot. I joined an agency that I know now is nothing more than a massive scam. Onesource Talent. Don't ever fuck with them. They want a retarded amount of money to join, and a monthly fee to be able to submit yourself to mostly background acting jobs, and crappy modeling jobs. They have basically no pull in the industry of entertainment and they just prey on the common people that don't know any better. My joining with this agency did whet my appetite to get out and explore this new industry of which I new next to nothing about. I talked to agents from New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. A lot of people were interested in me it seemed. But most of them sounded like fucking rapists on the phone. Then I got in touch with one fellow who was different...

He was an acting manager in New York City. He'd represented Margaret Hamilton, worked with Kevin Bacon, and didn't give me a vibe that he'd have my pants on the ground 5 minutes after meeting me. So finally I took the leap.

Told my boss that "off" was the general direction in which I would like for him to fuck, bought a train ticket, and prepared myself for the next leg on the journey through this whacked out life.

And here I am in New York City, pursuing an acting career, surviving, and plotting the next steps in world dominance.

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